June 2002                                                Issue 06:12

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Cañon City High School Excels in ADDA National Contest


The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) sponsors a national computer aided design contest each year, and Cañon City High School had another outstanding year in which they competed against other high schools and two-year colleges.  There were seven categories in this contest with four places in each category.  

The ADDA was established in 1959 to provide educational programs and information for designers, drafters, educators, and other interested individuals and corporations in the design/drafting fields.  The ADDA also provides certifications to universities, colleges, technical institutes and high schools.  These training institutions must provide programs which combine higher level math, science, computer, and design courses to train design students for the design/drafting work place.  Cañon City High School is one of only two high schools in the state of Colorado that offers this additional diploma or certification, and has been certified by the ADDA since 1974.

Instructor Mike Geesaman has been teaching at CCHS for the past 31 years, and has been instrumental in guiding his students to develop advanced skills in their Design and Drafting III class, and helping to prepare them with employable skills.  He proudly says about the contest, "We have done well in past years but this is our best year to date."  Cañon City High School has been using CADVANCE since version 1.01.  


CCHS won half of the 28 possible places. The results of the 2002 contest are as follows:

  *Winning First place in the nation are:  

Mechanical Category, Jennifer Banker - view drawing 1, drawing 2

Electronic Category, Rusty Rotolo - view drawing

Civil Category, Gina Nichols - view drawing

Piping Category, Matt Brekke - view drawing

  *Winning Second place in the nation are:

Mechanical Category, Jessica Cline

Civil Category, Christie Colbert

*Winning Third in the nation are:

Technical Illustration, Eric Karuth

Electrical Category, Cole Ones

Civil Category, Craig Christensen

Piping Category, Mickey Pirraglia  

*Receiving Honorable Mention are:

Technical Illustration, Crystal Olin (not pictured)

Electronic Category, Dustin Clasby (not pictured)

Civil Category, Zack Jayson

Piping Category, Marcia Burciago (not pictured)


* CCHS Students use CADVANCE 2000 software for most of their drawings.  



  • QHow can I speed up my redraws?
  • AGo to Options / Miscellaneous / Values and set the Screen Arc Generation to 10.  This will redraw arcs at the minimum degree of precision so redraws are faster.  This value is then saved in your drawing.  To set it as the default value for new drawings, you can File / SaveAs... Cadvance.ini.  The information is then saved in Cadvance.ini for new drawing files.
  • Q:  I am installing CADVANCE on a new computer and am trying to use the same Host Name as before so I can use the same Authorization Code.  I start CADVANCE, type in the old Host Name, but the Authorization Code does not work.
  • A:  The Host Name must be changed in Windows rather than in CADVANCE.  See our FAQ page at for instructions on how to change your Host Name in Windows.
  • Q:  What version of CADVANCE can read the latest versions of AutoCAD?
  • A:  AutoCAD R2000, R2000i and R2002 are all in the same R2000 DWG format, and are readable and writeable with CADVANCE v99.5, CADVANCE 2000 and CADVANCE 2002.

Note:  The primary exception is Proxy objects.  CADVANCE does not support Proxy objects (objects not in the standard library of AutoCAD).  If the drawing was created with Mechanical Desktop or Architectural Desktop, it probably contains Proxy objects.  You may request the Proxy Objects be removed, then saved as an R14 DWG or DXF file before being sent to you.  Or, you may download IntelliCAD 2001 at then open the DWG file and use Tools/IntelliCAD Explorer then highlight the entire drawing path and select Edit/Purge.  Save as R14 DWG or DXF.


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