Download Free DWG/DXF R13 Translator

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For CADVANCE Version 7 users.  You will now be able to read and write DWG/DXF files up to R13 within CADVANCE File/Open or File/Save functions.

CADVANCE Version 7.2 Includes several new enhancements not included in CADVANCE 7.1 such as support for reference files for DWG/DXF Area Fill to 2D solid, TrueType text is converted to CAD text during DWG/DXF, and much much MORE!  If interested in purchasing the latest version CADVANCE 2002 or need to upgrade Click Here to find out how!

Please complete the following before downloading files:

*First name
*Last name
*Street address
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Zip/Postal code
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Please provide the following product information:

Product name
*Registration number
You can find your registration number by running CADVANCE, click "Help" then "About".



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