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CADVANCE V16 is now available.


See details in CADVANCE V16 Release Note



Technical Support is provided only to the users of V15, and V16 by phone calls, emails and faxes. 

Other versions users may contact us through email, support@fitinc.com, but not by phones and faxes.


 A good example of CADVANCE 2D/3D/3Design operations from real world.

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CADVANCE was the first successful Windows-based CAD application on the market. CADVANCE runs on Windows XP through the latest Windows version, Window 11.

It is marketed world-wide and is used by Architects, Engineers, Designers and Facility Managers.  Best known for its ease-of-use and effectiveness, it is sure to increase productivity.  CADVANCE provides a total solution by offering complete integration with other applications in the Windows environment. 

With the increasing demand for applications in vertical markets that require an integration of graphics design, database information and report writing, the latest applications have been developed for facility, cable,  communication and network management.  Products include Connect I.T., SpaceManagement, AssetManagement, and CFM 2100.







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What people are saying...

"There are a lot of Cadd programs out there.  They all tout themselves as being the most logical, most powerful, most "user friendly" program on the market.  For our money Cadvance has given us a powerful, intuitive cadd program capable of performing dramatically well in our busy office.  No other product gives us the ability to have a new user up and "flying" in a week, and that means profit." 
~ Dave Tierney, Stuck Associates, Jonesboro, Arkansas

"...after slogging my way through AutoCAD, (I have) found CADVANCE refreshingly simple...I would like to commend your company in having produced a unit of software that does not require several months on the learning curve to begin to produce workable drawings.
~ Dale Schoepflin, Mosier Farms, Ellinwood, Kansas

"CADVANCE leaves you free to think about what you're doing instead of being distracted trying to control or manipulate the software."
  ~ Chris Mayner, principal of Computerized Office Plans and Environment (COPE) Ltd.


"Compared to AutoCAD, the program is cheaper and just as powerful for Electrical Design...it is easier to use and set-up where new users can learn the system quite easily.  AutoCAD Finally in ACAD 2000 has a fully functioning Windows System which CADVANCE has had since v5.  Great program!  Customer support is excellent!  The only way to get help with AutoCAD is through an "Act of God"
   ~John Lang, P.E.

"Thank you for your continued support of my drafting program.  My students really enjoy working with CADVANCE and it is a pleasure to teach with such a powerful program.  We have lots of fun learning."
   ~Terry Brandin, Instructor at Armuchee High School, Georgia

"What a great program CADVANCE is!  I have used Unigraphics and AutoCAD and prefer CADVANCE.  It gets better to use the more you use it.  Fantastic."
~Christopher Tchorzynski, Tool Designer and Residential Designer (25 years), Whitmore Lake, Michigan

"I want to express my gratitude for all of the courteous and helpful technical support given to me...  I cannot remember ever having such friendly, responsive, and helpful technical support anywhere.  Thank you very much."
~Sarah Miller, Universal Event Services, Inc.




A vwf and CV3 files for CADVANCE 2D/3D/3Design drawing files have been contributed.

Please see Gallery.


Free version CV View - A view only station free by download!

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