CADVANCE 2000 Service Pack 5

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CADVANCE 2000 SP5 contains the following updates and updates for service pack 4, 3, 2 and 1:

  • Updated files for SP5: 3p_incl.h, Actbar2.ocx, Cad1.dll, Cadmsg.dll, Cv_asoc.dll, Dwgxvwf.dll, Mfcdlg.dll, Mfctools.dll, String.dll, Symtrans.exe and Vwfxdwg.dll.

  • Add the Staged Selection:
    Staged selection gives the user the ability to select one of many objects at a point that meet the selection criteria. This only applies to "POINT" selection when "Select object(s) for editing ..." is displayed in the status line. The user clicks on a point and the "best" object at that point is selected and highlighted. If the user clicks again without moving the cursor or using the shift or control key, the next "best" object at that point will be selected and highlighted. This can be continued until there are no more objects that meet the selection criteria at that point. This is implemented for 2D selection only.

  • Add new entries to CADVANCE.INI file:
    These entries supply the values that will be used when switching from a layer that has these attributes assigned to one that does not. If the value is -1 then the current attribute value will not be changed. If no entries mentioned above in the CADVANCE.INI file then -1 is assumed.

  • Improve flexibility of View Layers Setup and reference setup dialog boxes.

  • Fixed the following problems:

    • Hidden line problem.

    • Remember the order in Snap Hierarchy.

    • Turn off flashing when closing the OSL being flashed.

    • Clipping horizontal and vertical lines when texturing with symbols.

    • Fix 15-character database keys.

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