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  • Q: I can't bring up v1 drawings in CV7.
  • A: Use TRCAD20 at the DOS prompt to convert the v1 drawings to v2. v2 and up can be read directly into v7.

  • Q:  When I do a View / Fit, it shows up as a tiny postage stamp size on the screen.  What do I do?
  • A:  This is due to a tiny stray object in the drawing.  In CADVANCE 99 and up, you can use Ex-Window (Exclude Window) around the visible part  of the drawing.  Click on "Point" on the Status bar, then select "Ex Window", then select the "postage stamp", then hit [DELETE].  Save the drawing.  The extraneous objects will be removed, and when you do a View / Fit it will display properly.  If you have an older version of CADVANCE, copy the valid portion of the drawing and paste it to a new CADVANCE window.

  • Q:  There is a delay between any views and view fit, especially when it tries to go back to view fit from any views. It seems take three times longer than V.8.

  • A:  That's because of your ScreenArcGen in OptionsMiscellaneous *FOR THE DRAWING IN QUESTION* has been set to a low number.  You should set it to 10.  CADVANCE will then generate arcs and circles at a low degree of precision.  Don't change Cadvance.ini.  Instead, change the dialog box, then save to Cadvance.ini.

View drawings without CADVANCE
  • Q: How can I email a drawing to someone for viewing purposes, who doesn't have CADVANCE?  
  • A:    Take screenshots and save them as a .bmp, .tif, .jpg, or .pdf.
    • OR, if you both have the same plotter driver, you could send a plotfile to print.  You both MUST have the same plotter driver. 
    • OR, use free CADVANCE Viewer for view only requirements.

  • Q: Can the free CADVANCE Viewer view embedded objects such as bitmaps and Excel Spreadsheets and MS Word documents?

  • A: No.  OLE2 data is, however, supported by CV MarkUp and CV MarkUp Plus.

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