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  • Q: I want to paste the hidden line image in 2D without the hidden lines reappearing. 
  • A: Whenever you use Utility/Hidden Line, a copy of the hidden line view is placed on the Windows Clipboard. So, go immediately to 2D and do Edit/Paste. You will get the 3D hidden line view with the hidden lines 'hidden'.

  • Q:  CADVANCE crashes often when I do a Hidden Line.
  • A:  Switch to Axonometric view instead of Perspective view.


  • Q:  I used Insert/Object or Insert/Clip Art to insert a file into CADVANCE.  The object will not rotate.  Why?
  • A:  Files inserted with Insert/Object or Insert/ClipArt command cannot be rotated in CADVANCE yet can be done in the original application used to create the object.  The rotated result will be updated in CADVANCE.  Or, use File/Open instead, then choose the image file type.

  • Q:  When I insert a *.bmp or *.tif image into CADVANCE, my *.vwf file becomes enormously large.  Why?
  • A:  You may have used Edit / Insert Object to import your image file.  Edit / Insert Object uses OLE (Object Linking Embedding), and OLE objects take up much more disk space than a simple Edit/PasteSpecial.  Instead of using Insert Object, do one of the following:

    1) Open your image file, select your image, then Edit/Copy.  Go into CADVANCE and use Edit/PasteSpecial.
    2) Use File/Open to insert your image file into CADVANCE.

  • Q: I get "An error has occurred in the move data process -115" when trying to install CADVANCE or a CADVANCE Add-on program from CD-ROM.
  • A: The error is likely due to a program running in the background.  You can quit a program running in the background (Windows 95/98) by holding down [Ctrl] and [Alt] while hitting Delete on your keyboard.  Then click "End Task" to shut down the program.  It is recommended that no Windows programs be running in the background - including Virus Scanners - when installing CADVANCE or CADVANCE Add-on programs from CD-ROM.

  • Q: At the end of installation of CADVANCE, what does this error message mean, "Do you want to add Ssce.reg to the registry?".
  • A: The message is prompting you whether to register CADVANCE's Spell Checker in the Windows registry so that it will work properly.

  • Q: What if I accidentally pressed "No"?
  • A: Just double-click the file Ssce.reg in your "Lex" subfolder after you have installed CADVANCE.

  • QI am trying to install CADVANCE 2000 (or LiTe 2000 or an add-on program) from the Install Menu.  I am getting the message "Uninstall Shield is in use, Close Uninstall Shield".  Why is this?
  • ACADVANCE 2000 uses the program InstallShield for installation.  This is an InstallShield message, and is probably occurring because you have clicked twice on the program icon to start the installation.

  • Q: After installing CADVANCE, when I try to run CADVANCE.EXE   I get, "Windows cannot find ODBC.DLL file needed to run cadvance.exe."
  • A: In your CADVANCE root directory, copy the file dbcattr.dll to attr.dll overwriting the attr.dll which is already there. Then, reboot. A second way to fix this problem is to reinstall CADVANCE choosing dbase as your database.

  • Q:  I have a problem installing my CADVANCE V99.  I get the message "An error occurred in the Move Data process --103 [106] [107] [113] [117]".  What do I do?

  • A:  Try restarting your computer.  If this does not solve the problem, you may have either a bad source or a bad destination, or that you lack enough free memory on your hard drive.  Most likely, your hard drive has one or more errors on it.  We suggest you perform the following checks:
    (A) Check your free space on your destination drive.
    (B) Run ScanDisk to scan your hard drive for errors.  Include the surface of your drive.
    (C) Repeat the installation process.  If the error message still occurs, copy all CD-ROM files to a folder on your hard drive, and install from there.
    (D) If none of these work, please contact FIT technical support.

  • Q:  At the end of my installation of CADVANCE 99.5, I get the message "Users/LexPath/ssce.reg has failed to enter registry."  Why is this?

  • A:  You did a custom install.  On your first installation, we recommend against doing a custom install because some crucial components will not install.  If the ssce.reg is not entered into the Registry upon installation, then the Spell Checker will not work!  Therefore we do not recommend a "Custom" install.

  • Q:  I still have a few people who do not have CD Rom drives on their PCs.  I've tried to install CADVANCE V99 from the CD-ROM on the server, but it fails every time.  I was wondering if you could send me CADVANCE 99 on disks, or if there is a "make disk" option from the CD, or if you know why it's failing when I run the install from the CD-ROM on the server.  Please help.

  • A:  For Server (or PC with CD), select the CD drive, and go "File/Properties/Sharing".  For Client workstation, go to Network Neighborhood and select CD drive on any PC with a CD.  Then right-click Setup.exe on the CD.

  • Q: I am attempting to upgrade to V6.5 and an getting the message "cannot find CTL3D.DLL" when I attempt to execute CADVANCE.
  • A: Copy CTL3D.DLL from the installation diskette to the Windows/System directory.

  • Q: I do not have any linestyles appearing in my Setup window. Also, in Options/Colors all the colors are grayed out.
  • A: Copy CTL3D.DLL from the CADVANCE root directory to the Windows\System directory.


  • Q: I have recently installed CADVANCE v8 and now other programs won't launch.  Why?
  • A: MSVCRT.DLL is a Windows System file, and CADVANCE v8 writes a version of MSVCRT.DLL to the Windows\System folder.  If another application requires an updated version of MSVCRT.DLL, the application may not launch.  If this happens, it is recommended that you use an updated MSVCRT.DLL.


  • Q: I am trying to install AE Tools.  It gives me the message “Cadvance must be installed on this machine” but I know I’ve installed the proper version of CADVANCE.  Why is this?

  • A: The most likely reason is that after installing the proper version of CADVANCE, you installed a different version of CADVANCE.  You must now re-install the proper version of CADVANCE before you can install AE Tools.  

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