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  • Q:  My Edit/Paste has stopped working.  It is grayed out.

  • A:  This is because you installed CADVANCE 99 in a directory other than the default directory.  This requires a Registry FIX.  Here is the process:

    A)  Close all CADVANCE.
          Go to Windows "Start" menu and choose Run.

    B)  In the "Open" box, type this:  regedit

    C)  Click "OK."  You'll enter the Registry Editor window.  You'll see a
    folder that says HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.

    D) Click on the "+" to the left of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.  Many folders are within.  Scroll down a very long way until you see FIT.CADVANCE.99.

    E) With right mouse button, click on FIT.CADVANCE.99.  Choose Delete.  You'll be asked "Are you sure you want to delete this key?" answer "Yes."

    F) Re-boot your computer.  Then run CADVANCE.  Your Copy/Paste should now work.

    Please keep this information, in case you ever need to re-install your CADVANCE 99.

  • Q: I am trying to Edit / Paste my hidden line from 3D into 2D.  The Edit / Paste command is grayed out.
  • A: If you are using v2000, press [Ctrl][V] for the paste function instead of using Edit / Paste.  If you are using v99, you will need to do the same as for v2000, or you will need to clean the registry as shown below.

NOTE:  F I T, Inc. is not responsible for errors you make while editing the Registry.  To enter the Registry, you must have administrator privileges.

  1. Start / Run, type "regedit" (without quotes)
  2. Click OK.  You will enter the Registry Editor
  3. Edit / Find, to find the string "DATATRAN.DLL" (without quotes)
  4. For every instance of DATATRAN.DLL found by the Registry, you need to EDIT the string value by double-clicking the item where the "ab" icon is displayed.  Edit each string containing "DATATRAN.DLL" so that it conforms to the actual CADVANCE 99 program path.

  • Q:  I've upgraded from version 8 or earlier.  If I enter "Edit/Properties", none of the boxes are check-marked.  Why is this?

  • A:  In Versions 99 and 99.5, all of the "Modify" boxes have been turned off.  Check-marking them will make those boxes check-marked for your current drawing session.

  • Q:  A lot of my drawings, when I open them, can't be Previewed.  Why not?

  • A:  When you had saved the drawing, you didn't select "Save Preview".
    Or, if the drawing was created in a version of CADVANCE earlier than v8, there WAS NO preview option.  See CADVANCE Manual and "Help" menu inside v99.


Q:  Why is my drawing file taking up so much disk space?  It is unreasonably large.

A: Please try one or more of the following methods to resolve this problem.
  1. Use File / Pack to pack the drawing.
  2. Get rid of any embedded or linked OLE2 objects, which can be found by an Object properties selection.  Type "o,o" on the keyboard for Object selection.  In the lower left of the dialog box, click on the box for "Object Type" and then select all object types EXCEPT for "Assoc Object".  Then cut and paste to a new drawing window.  This is a way to determine OLE2 objects.  If the OLE2 objects are bitmap images, try File / Open / *.BMP to bring them into the drawing, or open the bitmap image file and copy and "Paste Special" into CADVANCE as "Picture".
  3. Determine whether any area texturing is taking up too much disk space, and re-texture the area.

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