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  • Q: My AE Tools drop-down menu has disappeared.
  • A: This may occur after installing or reinstalling CADVANCE, a CADVANCE Service Pack, AE Tools, or an AE Tools Service Pack.  To display the AE Tools drop-down menu again, carry out the following procedure:
    • Close all sessions of CADVANCE
    • Run AeAddMenu.exe, located in your root CADVANCE 2000 program folder.  You may get the message "Can't open file cadvanceini.bak", which does not affect your AE Tools or CADVANCE.

  • Q:   When I start AETools2000 immediately after I’ve installed, why does it give me one or more of the following messages?

1.     “invalid page fault”

2.     “error in MFCTools.DLL”

3.     "This program has caused an illegal operation and will be shut down”.

  • A: The most likely cause of this is that AETools2000 was installed, then un-installed, then re-installed without the proper procedure being followed as documented in the Readme.doc, located within the AETools folder.  The Readme.doc contains technical notes on the procedure.  The uninstall directions are as follows.

    -  Uninstallation : The uninstallation program will remove all the information that had been integrated into the CADVANCE files.  The "cadvance.mnu" will be automatically restored to its previous state,  but "cadvance.ini" and "toolbar.txt" will not.  After the uninstallation is complete, delete "cadvance.ini" and "toolbar.txt", and then rename "cadvance.bak.ini" to "cadvance.ini" and "toolbar.bak.txt" to "toolbar.txt".  

  • Q:  Why do I keep getting this error message during my install of Site License Server of AE Tools 2000?

  • A:  This may be indicating either:

    1. You need to restart your computer,  OR 
    2. You may not have installed AE Tools Single User onto the proper machine.  For instance, if you mapped the Single User installation to a neighboring network computer, CADVANCE is trying to find the Single User files where it cannot find them.  

      The solution is to do a local installation of AE Tools Single License before installing the Site License Server, which also should be a local installation.  We recommend that you do not map single installations, and that you do not map site installations.  CADVANCE and AE Tools are not meant to be mapped.


  • Q:  Could you clarify how to do Area Fill in v99/v2000 for a combination of different objects?

  • A:  You can do a COMPLETE Area Fill of two connected line sets.  If more than two line sets, then the area will only be partly filled or not at all.  A polygon can be Area Filled but only if it is drawn as one continuous line set or as two connected line sets.

    The area of a line connected with an arc or an arc connected with another arc cannot be filled with Object Area Fill.  A work-around is to use Area Texture or to trace your connected linesets as one continuous lineset. 

  • Q:  The Area Fill object is covering my lines.  I want the Area Fill to be behind the lines, so that they display when I print my drawing.
  • A:  Versions V99 and above can do that if the line objects are on a different layer than the area-fill and you toggle between TraverseForward or TraverseBackward appropriately, in Options/Miscellaneous/Switches dialog. 
  • Example.  Area fill is on layer 4.  Line objects are on layer 65.  To have the area fill under the lines, toggle-click TraverseForward.
  • Example:  Area fill is on layer 65.  Line objects are on layer 4.  To have the fill under the lines, toggle-click TraverseBackward.
  • Version 2002 can do it no matter what the layers, with a function called "Area Fills Under Lines".  This will work even if your objects are on the same layer as the area fills, and it will put the area fills in the background all the time.
  • Another option is to draw the area fill and then open the area fill drawing as a reference drawing in the main drawing.  The area fill will then appear behind what you have drawn in the main drawing.  You can then print this out on your color printer.


  • Q:  When I enter my Authorization Code, I am told "Unauthorized Host Name".

  • A:  You gave FIT the wrong ComputerName or you have changed your ComputerName since installing CADVANCE.

  • Q: In the Authorization Code dialog box, I changed my Host Name back to what it was when it was authorized by F I T, Inc.  Now when I enter the authorization code it tells me "Unauthorized Host Name".
  • A:  The Host Name is actually your Computer Name.  Windows does not allow you to change your Computer Name anywhere else but in Windows.  To change your Computer Name, we recommend you go to Start / Settings / Control Panel, then restart your computer.

  • Q: How do I distinguish between the alpha / numeric characters in the Authorization Code, and is it case sensitive?

  • A: 

    1. Each Authorization Code for CADVANCE and AETools (v99 and v2002 -- Full and LiTe Versions) is in this format:


    Where "A" is an alpha character and "N" is a numeric character.

    Each Site License Authorization Code for CADVANCE and AETools is in this format:


    Where "A" is an alpha character and "N" is a numeric character.

    1. For AETools 99 through AETools 2002 (LiTe and Full Versions), the LETTERS in an AuthoCode MUST be entered in CAPS

  • Q: When entering the Authorization Code for CADVANCE (or an Add-on application) I get the error message "Unauthorized Host Name".  I have provided the Host Name exactly as it appears in the Authorization Code dialog box.
  • A:  There are a few possible reasons for this:
  1. If you installed from a remote machine which has a different Host Name than the PC on which CADVANCE has been installed, please provide FIT with the Host Name of the source PC.  NOTE: CADVANCE and CADVANCE LiTe are not meant to be mapped.  
  2. You are using Windows 2000 and your Full Computer Name (as shown in Windows2000) shows a period.  Please provide FIT with the characters up to, but not including, the period.
  3. Since the time of the installation, your Host Name has changed. Please change your Host Name back to the original, then restart  your computer.
  4. If using Windows NT 4.0 to install CADVANCE and your Host Name (or ComputerName) has a dash (-) in it, Windows NT may recognize it as an underscore (_).  Please rename your computer or contact FIT for a new authorization code.
  • Q:  When I enter my Authorization Code, I am told "Authorization Code Corrupted".

  • A:  Most likely answers:
    (A) You did not input the Authorization Code exactly as it was provided to you by F I T.
    (B) Upon entering the code, you hit the "Enter" key instead of clicking "Authorized".
    (If you are installing Single User License, please click button "Authorized".  If you are installing on Site License Server, please click "Next".)

  • (C) You gave FIT the wrong serial number.

  • Q:  I got a new computer and  have changed the computer name to the same name as my previous computer.  CADVANCE won't accept my AuthCode.

  • A:  You must re-start your computer after changing the ComputerName.

  • Q: How do I make permanent use of Auto-Save?
  • A: After setting your desired interval in Options/Miscellaneous, do File/Save As Cadvance.ini file.

  • Q: I was in a drawing and the computer crashed. Now, I can't open the file. I  ran scandisk and found bad sectors.
  • A: Look for the Autosave file. It has the same name as the original file but the extension is not VWF.  The extension is the same three letters as your User ID. When you find it, change the extension to VWF and try to read it in.

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