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Do you need architectural, cable management, or even facility management tools?  Do you need training or assistance with customized software development? The following contains a list of CADVANCE Third Party Developers and their products.  


AT+C Monitor-Template allows the user to define their own functions cells.  Assign snap commands to a function (i.e. draw a line with a special color, width, linestyle, etc.).  Cells can be made from macros, symbols, dimension setup, CADVANCE commands, program files, other Templates, etc. Also features automatic saving of drawings at different stages.  Developed by AT+C


Manages the infrastructure of your buildings network, cables, phones, etc. Provides reports on cable usage, cable length and weight, network devices and equipment, etc. When cables are modified, the application will recalculate the length and usage.  Developed by AT+C


Manage all aspects of Facility Management including the infrastructure of your buildings network, cables, phones, etc. Provides reports on cable usage, cable length and weight, network devices and equipment, etc.  Developed by AT+C

The Macro Library for CADVANCE 6.0

Provides tools to make the job of drawing easier and more efficient. Its own screen template system, the SUPER TOOLBAR, allows up to 50 pick areas at a time per template. Seven user definable templates are provided 
allowing access up to 330 macro selections at a time from the screen. Many hard to reach nested menu functions are now available at a single button click.  Developed by Computer Ventures, Inc.

NEOTECNICA Applications

Enhances usability in both 2D and 3D environments. The series of macros includes both specific architectural tools and general utility tools. Architectural tools include functions for hip and saddle roof design, cornice design, straight ramp staircases and more. General utility tools include multiple toolbar selection, activating/deactivating layers, polyline fillet, alter length of line segment, area 
calculations and much more.  Developed by

NEOTECNICA Symbols Library

  • General
    A symbol library that aids the user in drawing general items. These items include toilets, sinks, bath tubs, etc. Also included are various types of 
    wall textures and patterns (i.e. various brick patterns), various windows, and even vehicles. 
  • Electrical
    A symbols library that aids the user in drawing any type of electrical diagrams. 
  • Utility
    A symbol library that aids the user in drawing water and gas distribution systems, air conditioning systems, and electrical regulator systems. 
    Developed by NEOTECNICA 

RxIndex for Windows

Whether you have a small collection of drawings or your document library numbers in the thousands, Rxindex for Windows provides an excellent building block system for managing your documents. From Word processing documents to full color images and CAD or GIS files, Rxindex for Windows allows you to capture all of those loose and lost documents, making them an effective part 
of an Electronic Drawing Management system.  Developed by

RxHighlight for Windows

RxHighlight for Windows allows you to efficiently distribute documents for viewing and mark-up. Your personnel can quickly view and comment on drawings, documents, spreadsheets or images without having viewers for each document system. Coupled with Rxindex for Windows, RxHighlight provides you with a quick and efficient drawing view and redline program for over 60 different document and image formats.  Developed by NEOTECNICA

RxSpotlight for Windows

Electronic drawing management systems usually include large numbers of hard copy drawings in various states of deterioration. These drawings are usually scanned in for electronic storage. When it comes to retouching and 
restoring raster images, RxSpotlight and RxSpotling Plus for Windows are the ideal solutions. The powerful vector tracing and editing tools in RxSpotlight allows you to actually vectorize drawings for all of the major CAD systems without having to run expensive CAD software.
Developed by NEOTECNICA

RxVectory for Windows

When it comes to vectorizing large quantities of raster drawings, nothing comes close to RxVectory and RxVectory Plus for Windows. Powerful, automated processing routines allow you to quickly batch raster drawings for the most efficient utilization of your equipment. Written for Windows 3.1 through NT, RxVectory outperforms software packages costing thousands of dollars more.  Developed by NEOTECNICA


If you have version 5.0 through version 8.x of CADVANCE you will want the convenience of this floating tool bar. The default configuration, shown below, is carefully designed to present all the tools used to create and edit drawings. If you need to know what a particular button does just move the mouse cursor over the button and a fly-out message will explain the function.  The floating bar is easily re-sized with the drag of your mouse cursor. The floating button bar can also be moved with a mouse drag on the title bar.

Developed by Jeff Boody, and Mike Geesaman, SW Tool Bar is an excellent addition to CADVANCE.  The buttons on the default bar will handle 95% of all the drawing and editing needs.  Yet customizable for personal needs.  
Originally designed as a teaching aid, this program turned out to be so useful, it has professional applications.  It runs on Windows 95 or NT.  Single user license is $50 + Shipping, site license is $100 + Shipping

Mike Geesaman  
509 Phay Ave.
CanonCity, CO 81212


United States Europe Asia
Applied Computer Technology, Inc.
69 South La Salle St.
Aurora, IL 60505
Ph: (630)896-2281
Fax: (630)859-7576
Richard Stone
Certified Training Center
3rd Party Developers
Calibre Support Service, Ltd.
The Barn
How Lane Farm
White Waltham, Berks SL63JP
Ph: 44 118 932 1001
Fax: 44 118 932 1002
Philip Holland
Certified Training Center
3rd Party Developers
FIT System Service

  Tokyo, Japan PH: 03-5833-5563
Fax: 03-5833-5565
Toshiya Yamazaki  
Certified Training Center

BayCAD Services
P.O. Box 9475
San Rafael, CA 94912-9475 
Ph: (415)453-3828
Fax: (415)456-4684
Janise Harmon
Certified Training Center
Via Armando Diaz, 
4 37015 S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR)
PH: +39 0456862581
Fax: +39 0456887456
Luciano Galeotti
Certified Training Center
3rd Party Developers

Visual Engineering (formerly Computer Ventures)
P.O. Box 1247
New York, NY 10025-1247

Alex Medwedew
Certified Training Center
3rd Party Developers
Tabaksmuhlenweg , 30d
Oberursel/Ts. Germany D-61440
PH: 49-6171-56035
Fax: 49-6171-54932

Wolfgang Schroeder
Certified Training Center
3rd Party Developers
Futures West Inc.
Box 8052
Jackson WY  83002
Ph: (307)733-0949
Fax: (307)734-1121

3rd Party Developers

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