March 2002                              Issue 03:12

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Contributed by Kevin TenBrook of Philo & Wilke Architects

Here is a procedure to paste CADVANCE data into another application such as Microsoft Word while retaining the line weights.

  • Edit / Copy to place the data on the clipboard

  • File / Print.  Set the line weights and then click Cancel so as to cancel the print job

  • Go into Word and use Edit / Paste Special / Picture or Edit / Paste to paste the data.  The line weights will be retained.




If you missed last month's newsletter, we announced that CADVANCE v2002 will be released soon!  To see details of What's New, visit our web site at



  • QMy dimension text font is too large or too small.  I tried to modify it in Draw / Dimension / Setup but I cannot get it to be my desired font size.
  • ADimension text font size is NOT able to be set in Draw / Dimension / Setup.  "Text Scale" in Draw Dimension Setup refers to the scale value - not the text font size.  To set a default size for your Dimensioning Text, go to Draw / Text / Cad text (or TrueType text), then make your changes and click OK.  Then go to File / SaveAs... select Configuration (*.ini) and double-click Cadvance.ini to replace the existing Cadvance.ini.
  • Q: I loaded an HP driver that came with my new Windows software.  When I print in CADVANCE, many lines are missing from the plot, or it does not plot properly.  
  • A:  It appears that the Version 5.0, 5.00, or 5.01 HP drivers are not compatible with CADVANCE 2000.  We recommend using an earlier version driver.  Please visit our downloads page for driver downloads.
  • Q: When I copy/paste Microsoft Word text into CADVANCE, I cannot see the text or it comes in too large or too small.
  • A:  Before you paste, change the CADVANCE drawing scale.  Here is the procedure:
    1. Go to Options / Unit
    2. Change the "Drawing Scale"
      For instance, try changing the drawing scale to
      1"=1" , or
      1"=8', or
      1"=16'  (these are just some examples)

      Note: A value of 1"=16' means that 16 feet in your drawing corresponds to 1" on your paper.
    3. Paste the information into CADVANCE.  It is recommended that you use the command Edit/PasteSpecial, which gives several options for pasting the data.



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