July 2001                                               Issue 07:11

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CV View and CV MarkUp

Three new viewers which work with native CADVANCE drawing files and associated files (reference files, images and fonts).  Useful tools for those who need to be able to view and print CADVANCE drawings, and with the MarkUp version you also have redlining capabilities (no part of the loaded drawing can be changed in either version).  Compatible with all Windows versions of CADVANCE, Full or LiTe.

Features of CV View include:

  • Open / Close a drawing file

  • Setup the printer

  • Print the file

  • Redraw the view

  • View Fit

  • Zoom In or Out, by Window or Dynamically

  • Pan Short and Far, or Dynamically

  • Change the active layer

  • Turn all layers On

  • Turn all layers, except the active layer, Off

  • Turn a single layer On or Off

  • Switch between 2D and 3D

In addition to the above, features of CV MarkUp include:

  • Draw Lines, Rectangles, Circles, Arcs, Text, Clouds, and Leaders

  • Erase entities added to the drawing 

  • Status bar can be used to change the active Color, Line Style, and Line Weight

  • Save the drawing file to a new name if something has been added

CV MarkUp Plus:

  • All the feature of the MarkUp version, but also includes a DWG/DXF translator

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Scan2CAD Pro v6 is now available! 



Scan2CAD Pro ($249) rated 5 out of 5 stars 
and a "Highly Recommended" commendation!  



"Scan2CAD Pro debunks the cliché about getting what you pay for - it's astonishingly powerful and a great bargain...Anyone who hasn't invested in higher priced software but needs to perform raster to vector conversion should look at this outstanding and affordable software.  Highly Recommended".  David Byrnes, CADALYST July 2001

Some of the new features it now includes are:

  • Grayscale and Color support

  • Color Aware throughout

  • TWAIN (Acquire) support

  • JPEG and GIF raster files now supported 

  • New editing tools that improves vectorization results

  • And Much More!

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  • Q  I used to be able to type in a character in the Symbol name or in the Drawing name, and the dialog box would automatically filter all symbols (or file names) beginning with that character.  Can I still do this?
  • A:  In v99 and older you could do this - CADVANCE would automatically sort down to the character(s) that you entered.  In v99.5 and higher, thanks to the 32-bit dialog boxes, by using the wildcard character (*) you can now sort by filenames beginning, ending or including specified characters.

ex.   *dr.sym  ==>  all symbols ending with "dr" will be filtered
        dr*.sym ==>  all symbols beginning with "dr" will be filtered
       *dr*.sym ==>  all symbols containing "dr" will be filtered

This method will work for opening drawings as well.


  • Q:  Can CADVANCE plot stamp my drawing?
  • A:  A plot stamp can be created as follows:
    • Go to Options/Drawing and enter your information
    • On your keyboard, hold down [ALT] as you hit [PrintScreen]
    • Edit/Paste into the drawing (it will paste the bitmap)
    • Resize the bitmap using Edit/Scale

    If you have AE Tools, then use AE Stamp to stamp your drawing.  AE Stamp will create a plot stamp, then starts the CADVANCE File/Print command.

    ex. of plot stamp:

    Project Folder:
    C:\Cadvance 2000\samples
    Drawing:   SPWAREH1
    Plot Date:  11-15-2000
    Plot Time:  15:39:18


  • Q:  Why do I get a "Drawing Open Error" and how can I restore the drawing?
  • A:  This is generally caused because the drawing file has been truncated, which may be caused by a bad sector on disk.  To try and prevent this, we recommend you scan your disk periodically for errors.  If you get this error message upon opening a drawing, it is questionable whether the drawing can be restored.


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