March 2001                                                                 Issue 03:1




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CADVANCE LiTe 2000 Users

Service Pack 1 is available by download from our web site.  Please download and copy to your CADVANCE LiTe directory at your earliest convenience to ensure your smooth operations.

The Latest CADVANCE Contribution

In the past, F I T, Inc. has contributed the latest version of CADVANCE at that time to several schools and volunteer organizations such as Habitat, The Legacy 99 Project, and the Marin City Project.  In addition to charitable contributions, F I T has also awarded scholarships to top students at high schools and colleges that teach CADVANCE in their curriculum.  In keeping with the belief of the company president, Takashi Furukawa, in “giving something back to society” and “contributing to society”, F I T, Inc. is proud to announce a recent contribution of CADVANCE with SpaceManagement and AssetManagement to a commendable organization, the American Heart Association - Texas Affiliate.  Mark Love, Vice President, Development says, "Our current goal of reducing disability, death and risk by 25% by 2010 has vertically integrated itself into all that we do at the AHA.  All business functions are involved whether it is business development, acute event programs, advocacy or prevention and treatment.  Our organization has re-aligned, both physically and philosophically.  As we have begun to look at how we do business and how we accomplish our 2010 goal, we need to take a look at all of our operating procedures and practices, including how we use our space (current and future).  This coupled with the absolute need for new additional space requires us to make sure that we make the right decisions.  CADVANCE will help us do that.  By analyzing current space and helping us define new space, we can more effectively determine needs and therefore be better fiscal agents for our customers dollars."  

Please visit their web site for more information.

In closing, F I T, Inc. is pleased to support and contribute to such organizations that are dedicated to giving back to and improving society.  

The CADVANCE Virtual Tablet is now available!

Virtually works like the hardware tablet, but work off your screen instead.  Experience for yourself a faster way to scan through and place your symbols or launch macros.  Now you can quickly view up to 60 at a time, and easily 'page' through the sheets until you find the one you want.  Easy to add your own symbols and customize it to your liking.  Over 1,000 symbols included!

Download now for a 10-day free trial from 

Order your copy now for only $50 (single license version only).  


  • Q: After saving an older version .vwf drawing to v2000, I lost the linestyles. I would like to redefine the linestyles in Options/Linestyles but they only last for that session.
  • A: Enter the new linestyle you want in Cad.lns. Do this with a text editor and save the file. Re-enter CADVANCE. In Options/Linestyles enter the name of your new custom linestyle. Save your drawing. The linestyle information is now saved with the drawing.


  • Q: Why is my plot file so huge?
  • A: It is likely that you need to set Plotter Arc Generation = 10, or you need to use a different plotter driver.

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