January 2001                                                                 Issue 01:1




 Connect I.T. Beta Version is now available.  If you are interested in being a beta test site, please contact us at  See the future in Network and Cable Management.


Visit the CADVANCE web site at for all the latest Info!

Happy New Year!  

We'd like to wish all of you a Happy, Healthy, and Successful New Year, and to express our appreciation for your continued support.  Thank you for helping us celebrate our 5th Anniversary this past year - we are looking forward to many more!

Macro Writing Contest

Have a slick macro that you've written?  Or thinking about writing one?  Now is the time - send it to us by February 1, 2001 and have a chance at winning one license of CADVANCE 2000 with AE Tools 2000, SpaceManagement and AssetManagement!

All entries become the property of F I T, Inc.  Entries will be judged on how useful it is, and creativity.  Send entries to:  Winner will be announced on February 28, 2001.


Q:  Why do I keep getting this error message during my install of Site License Server of AE Tools 2000?

A:  This may be indicating:
  1. You need to restart your computer,  OR
  2. You may not have installed AE Tools Single User onto the proper machine.  For instance, if you mapped the Single User installation to a neighboring network computer, CADVANCE is trying to find the Single User files where it cannot find them. 

    The solution is to do a local installation of AE Tools Single License before installing the Site License Server, which also should be a local installation.  We recommend that you do not map single installations, and that you do not map site installations.  CADVANCE and AE Tools are not meant to be mapped.

Q:  The drop down menu disappears too quickly before I can select what I want.  Can I change the way the Drop Down menu is displayed?

A:  Yes.  In Windows Explorer, go to your CADVANCE 2000 directory and open the cadvance.mnu file with a text editor.  Find "MENUSTYLE n", where n is  0 for unfolding submenus (default)
                                                                              1 for sliding submenus
                                                                              2 for standard submenus
                                                                              3 for random submenus

Change setting to your preference and File/Save.