April 2001                                               Issue 04:1




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F I T, Inc. Upcoming Exhibit Schedule

Please join us at these two Expos and see "What's new"! 

  • Facility Forum 2001 - April 24, 25 at Dallas Convention CenterWe will be in booth #410

    CADVANCE User Group Meeting to be held April 24th ...Thank you to Jeff Hayden at Interprise Design for hosting the meeting!  If you're interested in attending and haven't responded yet, please RSVP as soon as possible.


  • Networld+Interop 2001 - May 8, 9, 10 at Las Vegas Convention Center.  We will be in booth #8131

    Service Pack 1 and an updated tutorial for SpaceManagement is now available by download from our web site at  Please download and install at your earliest convenience to ensure smooth operations.

It's a tie!  Congratulations to Kenneth Etter of MSKTD, Ft. Wayne Indiana, and Mathew Lawrence of CAlibre, Berkshire UK for their winning entries in our Macro Contest last month.  

Thank you to everyone who submitted their entries.  We appreciate the time and effort that was put into creating and submitting these macros - they were all winners!  It was a difficult decision to choose just one winner, so we've decided to make it a tie.  Mr. Etter's macro does leaders and arrows, and Mr. Lawrence's macro converts .dwg symbols.  Details on these macros to come in next month's newsletter.


  • Q: When I insert a *.bmp or *.tif image into CADVANCE, my *.vwf file becomes enormously large.  Why?
  • A: You may have used Edit / Insert Object to import your image file.  Edit / Insert Object uses OLE (Object Linking Embedding), and OLE objects take up much more disk space than a simple Edit/PasteSpecial.  Instead of using Insert Object, do the following:

    1) Open your image file, select your image, then Edit/Copy.  Go into CADVANCE and use Edit/PasteSpecial and paste as Picture.


  • Q: How do I get rid of the UserId screen at startup?
  • A: In the Cadvance.ini file, enter three letters immediately after 'UserId='. The line should read UserId=xxx where x = any lower case or upper case letter. Save the file. Now you will not need to enter a user ID when you start up CADVANCE.


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