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CADVANCE 2002 Service Pack 2 !

The CADVANCE 2002 Service Pack 2 Update is now available.  To receive your Service Pack 2 Update, please visit our support page at or please send a request to and we will send you the update.  Please note that shipping fees apply for Updates to be sent on a CD.

CADVANCE V2002 drawings are compatible with CADVANCE V2000.

Drawing files saved in CADVANCE 2002 format are downward compatible to CADVANCE 2000.


SP2 contains all changes, bug fixes and improvements of SP1, as well as the following improvements.

    • Cdi macro calls fixes.  The following Cdi calls have been fixed:
    • File name length is now up to 260 characters long.
    • Options/Path dialog box can read/edit long paths from CADVANCE.INI file  or user input.
    • Note for AETools users:
      AETools 2002 is not updated for long path names yet:
      AETools 2002 and CADVANCE 2000 share the buffer objects CDI_REFERENCE_DEFN and CDI_REFERENCE_BUF which are used by AEPlan. The buffer objects have maximum 64 character  path length.
    • DWG to VWF translator layers bug fix.
      Layers from DWG was setting line style and weight to zero in the CADVANCE 2002 original release. It now sets blank like V2000.
    • Edit Words menu update
      Now Edit Words menu is separated in to two menus, Single and Multiple.
      This change reflects to Edit/Word as Edit/Word Single and Edit/Word Multiple on the Edit menu as well as mouse right button popup menu.


What's New for CADVANCE V2002 Service Pack 1
  • DWG/VWF Translator
    • 1. Translate CADVANCE drawing database in layer order and leave out layers with no data in dwg file.  Only the layers that contain data in CADVANCE are output to dwg file.
    • 2. Create all area filled objects before all other line data in dwg file so that when the dwg file is displayed in other CAD software the date drawn over the filled area (solid) will be displayed . To do this, "Areafill under line" in the Option/Miscellaneous dialog box has to be checked on. Without checked, CADVANCE will display in forward or backward.
    • 3. Multiple layers with the same 'underscore, underscore, layer number' setting will end up on the same layer.
    • 4. The translator setup dialog seems to show up only once per CADVANCE session.  In addition to "File / Open … [another] dwg file", the translator setup dialog now shows up after the Reference Setup Dialog (if translation detected) and for "Utility / Translate …".  This is a bug fix.
    • 5. When translating DWG files to VWF files using File/Open, now cadvance creates VWF reference files for the XREFs found inside the DWG files.
    • 6. Fixed tessellation algorithm. We know when to reverse the point-order when handling polygons drawn in clockwise order.  Prevented crashes when translating large linesets.
  • Other Functions
    • 1. When redrawing the drawing database, draw all area filled objects before all other line data. To do this, "Areafill under line" in the Option/Miscellaneous dialog box has to be checked on. Without checked, CADVANCE will display in forward or backward depending on the setting in the Option/Miscellaneous dialog box.
    • 2. Fixed problem with clipboard, CADVANCE registry entries were not right in WinXP. This fix is applied only to Windows XP system.
    • 3. Fixed Reference Setup column spacing so 3 digit layers are not split into two lines.
    • 4. Fixed Undo/Redo where symbol editing and text attributes are involved.
      There were cases like: "Symbol attributes are lost when a symbol is edited and then saved with the same name", and  "Symbol text attributes are lost when the user 'explores' the undo/redo memory and the text attributes assigned to symbol just go away and cannot be even be re-edited to have any text attributes." Additionally, the undo/redo playback gets very confusing for the users with symbol editing.  There was a need for a separation of undo/redo memory between symbol editing and general editing


Contact us for more information or to receive a free demo CD! or (800) 931-3171 x14


  This edition includes 3 frequently asked questions from CADVANCE users.
  • QWhen I replace a symbol with CADVANCE 2000 or CADVANCE 2002, the new symbol is scaled too small or too large.
  • A: This may be due to the AdjustSymbolScale value.  Turn OFF your Adjust Symbol Scale in the Symbol/Place dialog before you replace symbols.  Or, exit Cadvance and edit your Cadvance.ini file by turning it off, as follows.
  • Q:  Can I automatically load a drawing, such as a plan or titleblock, when I start CADVANCE or CADVANCE LITE?
  • A:  Yes.  Copy your drawing file to your root CADVANCE folder, then add the file to your CADVANCE shortcut.
    Example.  Your drawing is TTLBLK.VWF.  First, make a copy of TTLBLK.VWF to your root CADVANCE folder.  Then, edit your CADVANCE shortcut on your desktop by right-clicking on the shortcut and then clicking 'Properties'.

    If your desktop CADVANCE shortcut "Target" reads
    "C:\Program Files\Cadvance 2000\Cadvance.exe"
    add a space and then type the VWF file so that it reads
    "C:\Program Files\Cadvance 2000\Cadvance.exe" TTLBLK.VWF
    Then click OK and start CADVANCE from the shortcut.
    If your desktop CADVANCE LITE shortcut reads
    add a space and then type the VWF file so that it reads
    Then click OK and start CADVANCE LITE.


  • Q:  I am creating a PDF file from CADVANCE, using Adobe Acrobat.  Is there any way I can give it a black background, like my drawing in CADVANCE?
  • A:  Adobe Acrobat Reader v4 and above can be configured to display a black background.  In Acrobat Reader, go to Edit > Preferences, then click 'Accessibility' and under 'Color Scheme' choose 'Use Custom Scheme'. Then under 'Custom Scheme' where it says 'Page Background Color' click the icon for Black.  Then, when you create PDF's, they will be given black backgrounds.


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