July 2002                                                Issue 07:12

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CADVANCE 2002 now shipping!

Just a reminder, if you haven't already placed your order for v2002 then now is the time to do so.  Read "What's New" since v2000 and see how the new features can benefit you and increase your productivity!

Please note:  CADVANCE 2002 is compatible with v2000, but is not downward compatible with any version below that.

Highlights of the updated Feature List:

  • Reference file with scanned OLE2 embedded bit map data – In addition to the File/Open command, OLE2 embedded bitmap data is an added feature to display scanned image data in a reference file.  Ex. - your company logo as an OLE2 embedded scanned image will be displayed in the reference file when attached to the active drawing.
  • Ortho Move – Move, Copy and Move Vertex functions operate in accordance to the specified “line angle”.  Angle 0 means free hand.

  • Query Object – Show the type of OLE2 Auxiliary object.

  • Euro symbol (€) added to all fonts, accessed by using the number pad on the right of a US keyboard, press ALT + 0128.  On a European keyboard, press ALTGr + E.

  • Isometric Line - Draws line segments with fixed angles that create an Isometric Layout.  The angles are 30,90,150,210,270, & 330

  • New search - searches objects by many filters.  It finds objects within groups or symbols by layer, kind and object types.

  • Edit Symbol/Group - edits objects within symbol or group.  It allows you to edit objects within a symbol or group, and reflects the changes to other instances of the same symbol in the drawing.

  • Key map - jumps to a specified drawing.

    • When a key map symbol is created, the “linked” drawing name has to be specified and the name is attached to the key map symbol.

    • Double clicking the key map symbol will load a drawing specified in the key map symbol.

  • Virtual Tablet - acts like a digitizer tablet.  Originally sold as a stand-alone tool, it is now included with CADVANCE 2002.

  • DWG/DXF 2D and 3D imports are improved to allow import of both at the same time.
  • Improved Layer Setup Dialog Functionality - Layers can be sorted by Name or Data, or layer rows can be moved around in any way while in Layer Setup.
  • All "Utility / Query" queries (except Query/Object) have been given dialogs that offer text that can be copied to the clipboard.  These text items are numeric type values.
  • Dimension setup has been divided into several sections for easier understanding and operation, and allows easier settings according to your needs.
  • Text attributes has been enhanced to manage multiple entries with one dialog box rather than many dialog boxes popping up per entry.  
  • Multiple object selection by “window with a right mouse button”.  A pop-up menu will be displayed for editing.
  • Multi-line CAD Text editing - When text strings are selected by “window with a right mouse button”, a pop-up edit menu is displayed. Selecting ‘Edit Word” will show the whole string in a CAD text edit dialog box for editing.
  • Customizable Auto Snap - Object type(s) for auto snap is selectable.
  • DWG symbol to CADVANCE symbol translator - All DWG symbols in one directory are converted to CADVANCE symbols.
  • Set default properties - When an object is selected, the drawing properties are set to the object. Thus the following operation allows the user to create new objects with the same properties as the selected object.
  • Layer setup dialog box and File reference setup dialog box are now re-sizable.
  • Utility/Query/Size shows a diameter for circle and arc.
  • Draw/Fillet and Draw/Chamfer inherit properties of the first object selected.
  • Improved translation from VWF to DWG including:
    • Corrected symbol problem in translation of primitive elements
    • Improved translation where DWG needs less Audit
  • Plus more!

Contact us for more information or to receive a free demo CD! or (800) 931-3171 x14



  • QWhen I open an AutoCAD file, CADVANCE always gives me a Recommended Smallest Unit, different than the Smallest Unit I normally use.  Can I type in a new Smallest Unit?
  • AYes.  If the value is a fraction and you use 1/1024, you can change the Smallest Unit to 1/1024 in the 'Options' Box when you open the DWG file.  If the Recommended Smallest Unit is displayed in decimal, you can use 0.0009765625 which is equal to 1/1024.  We recommend you type in the same value you use when creating a new drawing.  The default value for CADVANCE is 1/1024 and for AETools users it is 1/8000.
  • Q:  Are the newer HP Printer/Plotter Drivers compatible with CADVANCE?  What about the Xerox 8830 Engineering Plotter drivers?
  • A:  We have received reports that the newer HP drivers (v5.0, 5.01 and 5.21) are not compatible with CADVANCE.  We recommend using a driver version 4.61 or earlier.  HP 4.0 drivers are downloadable from our web site on the Downloads page.

If you are using a Xerox 8830 Engineering Plotter, do not use the latest Xerox driver.  You can find older drivers (for Windows 98/ME) at either of these links: or

The Xerox drivers on these links work with all versions of CADVANCE 6.0 and higher.

  • Q:  How do I generate a PDF file from CADVANCE?
  • A:  You need a PDF driver for a PDF printer.  Do not use the Acrobat Distiller driver, use the Acrobat PDF Writer.  Load your drawing and do File/Print, and select the PDF driver to print to a PDF file.  Do not check the "Print to file" box.


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