January 2002                              Issue 01:12

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 Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a new year filled with peace, joy and prosperity!  Thank you for helping to make 2001 another successful year, we appreciate your continued support and loyalty.  We will keep on striving to develop the best possible application solutions, and look forward to a new year of working together with you to make it happen!


  • QI am trying to install CADVANCE 2000 (or LiTe 2000 or an add-on program) from the Install Menu.  I am getting the message "Uninstall Shield is in use, Close Uninstall Shield".  Why is this?
  • ACADVANCE 2000 uses the program InstallShield for installation.  This is an InstallShield message, and is probably occurring because you have clicked twice on the program icon to start the installation.


  • Q:   When I click "Print to File" using CADVANCE 2000, the Print to File window always comes up with the file extension ".prn" instead of ".plt".  Why?  I need to send plot files to printer and graphics shops, and most of them use .plt.  
  • A:  This is working as designed.  CADVANCE 2000 feeds the plotting information to Windows, and the standard MS Windows plotting file is now *.prn --- not *.plt.  You have three options:
  1. Change the *.prn to *.plt right there in the dialog box.
  2. Change the *.prn to *.plt after the plot file has been created.
  3. Send the *.prn file to your printer (may not work for some plotters/printers).


  • Q: My client says that he cannot use AutoCAD to save the .DWG or .DXF file that was created by CADVANCE translation.
  • A:  Have your client use AutoCAD's RECOVER command to recover the drawing, then have him use the AUDIT command to fix all errors, then have him use the PURGE command to purge the entire drawing database, then save.

If AutoCAD cannot recover the drawing, another option is to download and install IntelliCAD from  Then open the drawing and Purge the entire drawing, then save as .DXF or .DWG for use with AutoCAD.



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