August 2002                                              Issue 08:12

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Announcing CADVANCE LiTe 2002 to be released this month!

Watch your inbox for further information.  Contact us now to pre-order your copy of LiTe 2002 at, or at (800) 931-3171.  If requesting a price quote, please be sure to include your contact information, which version you are currently running, and the quantity.  If you are interested in receiving a demo CD, please include your complete mailing address and contact information.  Thank you everyone for your continued support and patronage of CADVANCE!



  • QI inserted an Excel file (or Word document, BMP or JPG) into CADVANCE.  It will not print (or will not print properly).  What should I do?
  • AFirst make sure you are using a printer driver that will print raster images.  There are some printers (such as some versions of the HP DesignJet 600 plotter driver) which do not print raster images.

Second, check whether the inserted file is an Ole2 object and if it has been scaled in CADVANCE.  This may be causing the problem.  Ole2 objects are very complex, and when scaled it develops problems with its own boundaries.  

To determine if it is a scaled Ole2 object, do a Utility/Query/Object.  If you must bring in your object as an Ole2 object, to prevent having to scale it later it is suggested that you change the scale of the drawing to make sure it is brought in at the correct scale.  You can change your drawing scale in Options/Unit by going into the Drawing Scale box and changing the value.  After you insert the Ole2 object, make sure you change your drawing scale back to its original setting.

If you do not need to bring your object into CADVANCE as an Ole2 object, it is suggested that you bring it in by opening the document, selecting what you want to copy, (Edit/Copy), then go into CADVANCE and do an Edit/Paste Special/Picture.  The 'Picture' object is an Auxiliary object but not an Ole2 object.  It is neither linked nor embedded, and does not have have same scaling problems as an Ole2 object.


  • Q:  Multiple users on a network can open the same drawing file simultaneously.  How do I prevent this?
  • A:  Use a unique User ID for each user on the network.  If you have copied the same Cadvance.ini file to multiple workstations, make sure you then edit Cadvance.ini on each machine so that each user is given a unique User ID.
  • Q:  Windows NT (or Windows 2000) is telling me I do not have privileges to install CADVANCE or the service packs. 
  • A:  System Administrator Privilege is required for a WinNT/Win2000 user to install CADVANCE.  Log on as System Administrator, then you can install CADVANCE and service packs.


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