December 2001                              Issue 12:11 for all the latest Info!

This Holiday Season is a particularly special time in our nation, and it is especially important to reflect upon the things we have to be thankful for.  Each of us at F I T, Inc. are especially grateful for our family, friends, and you, our clients.  We want to express our sincerest thanks to all of you for your continued support and patronage, and look forward to continue serving you in the years to come.

May you and yours enjoy the best of the Holiday Season!

With warmest wishes,

The team at F I T, Inc. 



Holiday Special!

In appreciation of your continued patronage, we would like to offer a special savings coupon.  Valid December 1 - 31, 2001, receive 50% off one item* when you mention code "DEC50".  

NEW! - Scan2CAD v6.1 will soon be available.  Place your order in December and receive 20% off!

New features:

  • 4 x faster vectorization speed compared to v6

  • New, simpler method of color vectorization

  • New Unify Text Height command makes OCR text strings the same height

  • New Command Line lets you run Scan2CAD from inside other apps

These offers valid only in North America through F I T, Inc.  To order, call (800) 931-3171 x14.

* Applicable towards CADVANCE, CADVANCE LiTe, SpaceManagement, AssetManagement, AE Tools, Connect IT, Virtual Tablet, or any of the Viewers.  Discount is not applicable toward previous purchases.


We have received many questions inquiring about the compatibility of the new AutoCAD 2002 and CADVANCE 2000.  Below is a statement from the HELP file for AutoCAD Release 2002:

The drawing file format for the 2000, 2000i, and 2002 versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT software is AutoCAD 2000 DWG.  Because the file format is the same for these releases, drawing files can be exchanged between them with no special considerations.

Therefore, we do not foresee any problems with compatibility between AutoCAD 2002 and CADVANCE 2000.  As stated before, we understand your need and the importance of having a DWG translator that is "alive". In order for us to keep improving upon the CADVANCE translator, we ask for your participation in sending us your drawings that you may have problems with along with a detailed description of what the problem is. Not only will you be helping us to develop a better translator, but you may also receive your drawing back already translated and ready to work with.



FREE for AE Tools Users - Bonus Textures 

For AE Tools 96, 98, 99 and 2000 users, contributed by Kevin TenBrook - Philo & Wilke Architects.  Download and read the readme file for installation instructions.



  • Q: My line styles are all printing SOLID.
  • AIf ALL line styles (not just DASH and DOT) are printing SOLID, you may need to change your setting in CAD.LNS, the linestyle file used by CADVANCE.  You may also want to change the scale of your drawing when printed.

    For example, in CAD.LNS you may have the PHANTOM linestyle set as follows:

    PHANTOM|F(-- - - --)4,.01

    Through trial and error, keep adding more spaces between the parentheses () until the problem is resolved.

    To change the drawing scale, go into Options / Unit and change the "Drawing Scale".  Experiment with different scales to resolve the problem.

    To change the printed scale, go to File / Print.  In the Printer Configuration dialog box, you will see the "Scale" section in the upper right.  Change the "By Value" until the problem is resolved. 



  • Q:   When entering the Authorization Code for CADVANCE (or an Add-on application) I get the error message "Unauthorized Host Name".  I have provided the Host Name exactly as it appears in the Authorization Code dialog box.
  • A:  There are a few possible reasons for this:
  1. You installed from a remote machine which has a different Host Name than the PC on which CADVANCE has been installed.  Thus, you must provide FIT with the Host Name of the source PC.  NOTE: CADVANCE 2000 and CADVANCE LiTe 2000 are not meant to be mapped.  We recommend against a remote installation of CADVANCE.
  2. You are using Windows 2000 and your Full Computer Name (as shown in Windows2000) shows a period.  Please provide FIT with the characters up to, but not including, the period.
  3. Since the time of the installation you have changed your Host Name without restarting your computer.  Please restart  your computer.
  4. If using Windows NT 4.0 to install CADVANCE and your Host Name (or ComputerName) has a dash (-) in it, Windows NT may recognize it as an underscore (_).  (This may also apply to Windows 2000 Professional.)  Please rename your computer or contact FIT for a new authorization code.



  • Q:  Why is my drawing file taking up so much disk space?  It is unreasonably large.
  • A: Please try one or more of the following methods to resolve this problem.
    1. Use File / Pack to pack the drawing.
    2. Get rid of any embedded or linked OLE2 objects, which can be found by an Object properties selection.  Type "o,o" on the keyboard for Object selection.  In the lower left of the dialog box, click on the box for "Object Type" and then select all object types EXCEPT for "Assoc Object".  Then cut and paste to a new drawing window.  This is a way to determine OLE2 objects.  If the OLE2 objects are bitmap images, try File / Open / *.BMP to bring them into the drawing, or open the bitmap image file and copy and "Paste Special" into CADVANCE as "Picture".
    3. Determine whether any area texturing is taking up too much disk space, and re-texture the area.


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