August 2001                                          Issue 08:11



IFMA's World Workplace 2001 

September 23 - 25 
Kansas City Convention Center, Missouri
Booth #911

We welcome you to join us, where we will be exhibiting SpaceManagement and AssetManagement, as well as showcasing features of Connect I.T., our new network and communication management application.  Show dates are September 23 - 25 and we will be in booth #911.  Come join us and see "What's New"!  We look forward to seeing you there.  Please visit for more information.


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When to use CADVANCE 
Edit / Copy vs. Edit / Duplicate

Each time a CADVANCE Object(s) is copied with the Edit / Copy command, multiple copies of the CADVANCE Object(s) are placed on the Windows Clipboard.  Depending on the Object(s) copied, will include 2 or more of the following:

  • CADVANCE Native Object

  • Bitmap

  • Windows Metafile or Picture

  • Rich Text Format and/or Text

Because multiple copies are placed on the Clipboard, this can use up valuable time and resources.  We recommend using this function when copying to a different or new drawing.  

When working within the same drawing, we recommend using the Copy / Duplicate function, as it does not use the Clipboard.  

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  • Q  How do I print with Line Weights?  When I print, my lines are light with no weight.
  • A:  There are two ways to print lines with weights:

By Color

  • Go to File / Print.  Under "Line Weight" set the main line weight size.  Ex. 0.2"
  • Press the "Colors" button.  For colors in your drawing, set each to a number.  This will multiply it times the line weight size.

Ex. If your line weight size in the Printer Configuration Dialog is 0.2" and you set pink (color #6) to 2, all pink objects will print with the line weight of: (0.2) x (2) = 0.4 inches.

By Line

  • Type "S" on your keyboard to enter the Setup window
  • Type in a value for "Weight", set the main line weight size.  Ex. 0.0017".
  • For lines drawn with a certain "Weight" in the Setup window, CADVANCE will multiply 0.0017" times the value of that weight.

Ex. If you set the weight to 3 in the "Setup" window, CADVANCE will print any subsequent lines drawn with the value (0.0017") x (3) = 0.0042 inches.

Note:  In CADVANCE 2000 you can also set line weights by layer


  • Q:  I cannot paste part of a drawing which has been copied from another drawing.
  • A:  Possible reasons are:
    • One or more corrupted objects within the copied region.
    • The copied region contains Associative object(s) on a DIFFERENT Layer than the object(s) they are associated with.  For example, you may have a room on layer 22 but its Associative Texturing may be on layer 51.  Before copying, put them on the same layer or convert the associative objects to static.
    • The world size of the drawing you're trying to paste into is too small to handle the copied objects.
    • In rare cases, the drawing you're trying to paste into contains corrupted objects.


  • Q:  Some of my drawings do not show a Preview.  Why?
  • A:  If the drawing was created in v7 or earlier, it cannot generate a Preview since those versions were not equipped with a Preview function.  If your drawing was created in v8 or later, you must have your Cadvance.ini set to SavePreview=1 (which is the default setting) so that when you save the drawing you've created, it would also save the preview.  


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